Bikinis for Plus Size Women

Recent research shows that half of the brazilian population is with a few extra pounds, with a view to this audience, some brands are offering on the market, parts that meet the needs, in particular women who possess this biotype.

Bikinis for Plus Size Women

Many questions arise when chubby women will choose pieces of swimwear, bikinis, mainly because despite using GG models, these have different bodies. Then check out some tips on how to choose a suitable bikini for chubby women, which ensures comfort and style.

A myth that should be phased out of everyone’s mind is that plump can only use swimsuit. This is a lie, there are options market bikinis. The priority for those who have the mannequin of the 44 above, is to look for models that you ensure security in time to use the same.

“Plus size women should not wear bikinis with pictures” is another myth that arose at a time when fashion didn’t have that freedom we have today. Fatties can use sparingly, patterned designs. When they are defaulted, preferably by another piece lisa to balance the proportions, because this model adds volume to the body.

To enhance the bust and get the attention of the abdomen opt for structured padded bikini. They will provide security, because the breasts are firm and with a visual beauty. Halter is also a great option, as well as the models with wide straps, because they also give support. The strapless models can be used for fatties who have a “small”, because they do not have the structure to accommodate large volumes.

The models of retro bikinis who saw with force in the height of summer 2011, are great alternatives for those who want to disguise the abdomen region and leave the more slender silhouette. Chubby women have hips, a great trick to disguise this projection are the knickers high and with the wide sides, because they give the illusion of decrease that region. Details like ties and thin strips should be avoided, because they focus the gaze to where is the detail.

Some popular bikinis models like the cortininhas and the dental floss should be avoided because they are not appropriate for plus size women, since these left further shows the regions.

Often what makes the fatties embarrassed in time for bikinis is the major exhibition of your body. But, nowadays it is possible to be right even with bathing suit. When buying a bikini, look for various options, look in several stores to find a model that falls right in your body and which mainly that makes you feel beautiful.

This Summer, don’t hide enjoy what he has to offer.