Bike FAQs

Can I customize the settings?

The good news is that to take place upscale setting, Time highlights its strong point of national production responsiveness! How creating SCYLON Custom range offers 5 colors available: Green, Orange, Blue, Pink and Black with a swinging costs 4999-9399 euros depending on the equipment.

Any framework ordered store will be delivered within a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Alternative arrangements with Shimano?

Time is one of the few manufacturers to offer alternative arrangements to Shimano. Indeed, the catalog has models equipped with SRAM or Campagnolo. It’s rare enough to report it.

More affordable price level cadres?

The Made in France has a higher cost according to the bike sizing guide (at So far no surprise, it is a reality. Time remains on the high-end niche with high prices. The manufacturer does not plan to come open the catalog on the low carbon range. It’s not his niche. Offer quality and service is the axis of desired development.

What about the reliability of Xpresso pedals?

Time aims to move 100,000 pedals sold 300000 in 3 years. Certainly the maneuver is not easy when you know the unreliability of road models Xpresso . If they are undoubtedly the most technologically advanced (angular freedom, light weight, …), the reliability is not their strong point. Time will have to work to develop and release a more robust pedal in time because now the design is identical.

The faithful cyclist Time consumer will be able to always find the quality that made the reputation of the top brand French range. Manufacturing being held in France, the good quality of cadres rest! RTM has proved its worth and is kept the same, the behavior of cadres will be true to the DNA Time.

Adapting to market demands and new practices are the primary objectives of the French manufacturer by positioning itself on a high-end niche, offering service, personalization and beautiful material to the cyclist. It will nevertheless deal with some gaps on the reliability of road pedals.