Bike 360 Would Multiply by Two The Price of The First Clocks Android Wear

The recent Google I/O 2014 brought with it the start of a new generation of wearable devices, and is that although we already knew Android Wear enough before the annual fair of Google, it finally we could see the new smart watches with Android in live, running and immediate market arrival.

Those who have broken the ice have been the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, already available in Google Play España for purchase, although everyone expected to know more about the bike 360, an attractive smartwatch formatted classic watch that has raised expectations since Motorola taught it for the first time.

Initially, our joy in a well, because Google already announced first hand that Motorola clock would still take weeks to arrive, until the end of the summer, leaving its price at a mystery and confirming that the 2014 I/O attendees would receive Android Wear terminal unit more attractive when it was available. That Yes, at least the lucky ones that were there could touch and tinkering for the first time the bike 360.

Early indications on the cost of the bike 360 at launch are already here, and it is that a Chinese retailer has already been quick to publish the device for sale page, Encrypting its price in the 2,800 Yuan, about $450 to change.

We were already afraid that by its design and construction the bike 360 would surpass in price to the Android Wear already submitted, but we did not expect a rise as bulky, because this price would bend the G Watch and Gear Live.

As it is evident, the prices will vary depending on the market, and we do not know if the retailer wanted to achieve something of “self-promotion” to publish early so the device with a fictitious price, so We take the information in a cautious way.

What is clear is that the bike 360 is getting closer, many expect it with open arms, but its price will surely mark the thin line between the success or another device for more connoisseurs of the place.