Bike 360, Its Wireless Charging and Image Heart Rate Sensor Station

The month of September is expected to be put on sale one of the most eagerly awaited Smart Watches year-round, that is neither more nor less than the Bike 360, one of the Android Wear full and elegant with circular screen which will go on the market this year.

There are already several test drives throughout the world so that users try the bike 360 before launch, and one of those users has shared with the world pictures of Motorola clock next to new information which do more than increase the expectation of this Android Wear.

In the shared images we see for the first time the the bike 360 Wireless charging station next to the heart rate sensor. In the back of the clock there are printed some of its main features as its wireless charging, heart rate monitor, pedometer, IP67 water resistant and made of stainless steel.

The battery of the Bike 360 According to tests lasts environment to the two and a half days, over the day of use of the G Watch LG and Samsung Gear Live, surely Motorola clock has an ambient light sensor. The bike 360 like LG G Watch will also use standard 22 mm straps so that the client can use which you like the most.

Then we leave you with the complete gallery in which we see in more detail the bike 360, compared rival LG to prove that Motorola watch is smaller in some photos.

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