Bike 360 Finally Will Let Touch, with Photo Gallery and Video Included

Google I/O 2014 has arrived with the usual maelstrom of information the central Conference, which us collapsed from work in the evening of yesterday. Today they will continue the workshops and lectures on the most important fair in the Google ecosystem, but we can already stop us to teach with confidence the best things they were seeing yesterday during the event.

Android Wear was one of the burning of the Conference, especially since the arrival of the first smart clocks with Android is imminent also in Spain, although we are sure that many quedasteis you with the desire to see the bike 360 in action.

For the arrival of the more attractive smartwatch of the moment will have to wait at the end of this summer, and although we would have liked to be in San Francisco to play in first person, we are satisfied with the contact in video and images our friends at The Verge have failed to perform 360 motorcycle, and we bring you here so that you deleitéis you first person.

See complete gallery» bike 360 (13 photos)

His first impressions could not have been better, as tell us about that bike 360 is your favorite smartwatch so far, with a design that shows solid and well-finished, not very large and light, becoming comfortable to use soon take him since.

Indicate that it will come in different colors, and that your screen is large, with quality, brightness and high sensitivity, as well as very colorful to be round, although has a small lower cut that you can see in the video, and that complies a rarity of inevitable design to accommodate the display drivers.

I do not entertain more, we leave you with the video of contact which will be, undoubtedly, one of the devices of the year on the Android platform, not before encourage us to leave your impressions in the comments: