Bicycle Routing from Germany to Austria is Perfect

Four-Day Tour Goes Along The Danube River, On A Totally Flat Route

Imprisoned in the heart of Europe, Austria is a small country, but a lot of culture. And why not get to know her in a different way: on two wheels! The idea of ​​Mundo Roda, the agency that offers the tour, is to get tourists to immerse themselves in the local culture, passing by picturesque little towns, but with a lot of history to tell.

When disembarking in Europe, the traveler will have at least four days and lots of fun ahead. The trip begins in the German city of Passau, already on the Austrian border, where you will be greeted by a Brazilian guide who will give you all the directions of the trip.The departure time is for the group. In this first day of adventure, will be covered 53 kilometers by bike until the arrival in the city of Schlogen, where the group will take a boat.From there, after crossing the Danube, the final destination will be Linz, elected European capital of 2009.

The second day is the most drawn, with 60 kilometers of pedal, leaving from Linz until the arrival in Strudengal. On the way the group may choose to pass through Enns, the oldest city in Austria.

To compensate the course a little longer, on this third day of bike will be covered only 43 kilometers between Strudengau and Nibelungengau. The highlight is the Benedictine Abbey of Melk, located in the Cultural Landscape of Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and of great importance to the Austrians.

From Nibelungengau, Vienna is the final destination of the tour. There are 48km of pedal to Krems, where the group will take a train until arriving in the Austrian capital.

There, the suggestion is to stay at least one more day to get to know the various historical buildings, museums and squares, and, of course, try the famous Schnitzel, typical local food.

Even if it is a bit long, the tour is suitable for anyone who is looking for a different way to travel, since the route is made by flat and paved bike paths on the banks of the Danube.Although every day has a city of beginning and end already established, the daily script can vary according to the desire of the group. It is possible, for example, to choose to leave sooner or later, stop to eat on the way or not, and even stop at a winery to taste good local wine.

In the package is included the lodging, always in hotels three stars or more, with breakfast, in addition to Brazilian guide during the whole route and, of course, the bicycle. If you want, the traveler can enter Europe through Munich, Germany, and take a few days there before starting the pedal. The first tour is scheduled from July 6 to July 11, but it is possible to book a year-round trip whenever there is a group of at least six people.

About World Wheel:

Mundo Roda is an agency specializing in differentiated trips and has in its portfolio, in addition to bicycle trips, boat and motorcycle itineraries, both here in Brazil and abroad.

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