Beware of the Smart Phone at Festival

Smartphones are one of the Favorites for thieves, which haunts at various festivals. Take good care of the smart phone, since insurance does not always cover.

Skanderborg Festival or Beautiful celebration, as it is called colloquially, is well underway. And you must use the weekend on the festival site, so please keep extra well stuck in your smartphone. Since smartphones one of the most popular thefts.

-“Injury reviews shows that smartphone thefts often takes place as pickpockets our site during the concerts, where people stand close, or as burglary in the festival guests’ tents, ” says Henrik Bundgaard, there is harm head of House and family insurance in the Codan Forsikring to our site.

One’s home insurance does not cover always the stolen phone. Insurance must apply, so must the tent be locked and with obvious signs of burglary URf.eks. a ripped canvas. Happens the theft while you have your phone on you, then cover your contents insurance. But lost or forgotten it, then cover the insurance does not.