Beware of Roaming Outside the EU

Warning from telecommunications expert! Roaming prices outside the EU is screwed completely unheard of in the weather, so beware of your phone during the holidays.

Danes should be careful with using their mobile phone or tablet if they are on holiday outside Europe, so reads the warning from telecommunications analyst Torben Rune from the advisory firm network schemes.

Prices within the EU was sunk on 1 October. July, but it is just the opposite in the rest of the world. It writes our site.

-“As the European Union has pressured the internal prices for roaming down, companies have used the possibility to increase prices outside the EU further up a megabyte of data transfer in the United States and South America is located for example at 100-110 dollars per megabyte. It is completely out of proportion, “says Torben Rune.

Fit not on consumption can therefore end up mobile Bill will be the same animal as the airfare. So please turn off mobile data and data roaming off.

-“Even if you think you can control your spending, so please do not turn it on. Without your knowledge, make your smartphone a lot of traffic out on the net, “concludes Torben Rune.