Best Wireless Headsets Reviews

I was looking for a good wireless headset, I had the wireless Razer Chimaera for Xbox 360 and I was amazed of how well that could sound a game if it featured a good sound engineering (Battlefield 3), however, this model is not compatible with the PS4, so I’m still looking for a new pair of headphones.

Also you can find a list in English as this in which the users speak which headphones of PS3 work with PS4. Something that you might want to look at if you have old headphones.

Headphones for Iphone? THEY DO NOT WORK

I tried headphones for Apple iPhone and it seemed that they might work, even get a couple of legit, but as mentioned in the Reddit article people, produce a high tone despite the microphone sound (you can check recording and playing voice message).

Headphones PlayStation. Not appropriate

Although I am sure that are great for casual gamers, I do not think that they will give you the quality of surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 you are looking for gaming as the BF4.

TRITTON Kunai. Connection of cable for just 50 euros

If you’re a wireless headset, these can serve you, the PS4 version of this set goes for about 50 euros. You can see here the model and offer.

Logitech G930. Something calm for me

Does a few weekends ended up testing on the game console, a friend of Logitech G930 (here full scan) and people in the comments said that they were working with the PS4, but I gave back them because they are sounded me something silent, even with the volume at maximum, so it was a waste of time. I am sure that they work very well on the PC, but I do not recommend them for the PS4.

Astro A40. For the price…

The Astro A40 seem to be a very popular choice, however, they are not wireless, do 220 euros for a non wireless headset? He would spend the extra 45 euros to get the wireless but then they would cost me only 90 euros less than the whole console and I think crazy to pay so much. If you have the luck of that you on the money you recommend the analysis of them Astro A40 since are very good helmets with regard to quality.

Turtle Beach

Many people respond by them and only buy Turtle Beach since that is a brand well known in the gaming sector, you can find a list of the compatible here. But investigates a bit if you have to buy one of their new compatibility cables, and I do not recommend you buy for your official website, always just leaving more expensive to buy it through intermediaries, we recommend the top offers that you have listed.

PlayStation press Elite. Waiting for them

Headphones Wireless for less than 115 euros and made by the console manufacturers? Buy! However, they are not available yet. Sony says that it needs to develop a patch that allows them to work with consoles in early January, so I’m waiting to see when they do and if they really work.

At the moment there is this version of the Elite press for PS3, but it seems that they claim to be compatible with PS4, so it will be to look a little more thoroughly when there is more information to collect.

I’ll update this publication if you see any update. If you know something about please discuss it since there are many publications to be constantly updated.

Also remember that because we have a more general about gaming headphones comparison you can see in this publication.