Best Type of Headphones for Running

What to look for in a set of headphones for running

  1. charging time. Generally to make the battery to 100% functional need have the best headphones plugged between 2 and 4 hours, and of course as less time to do better.
  2. operating time. This is what we know as “music time” or speaking. You don’t have to have any trouble finding a pair of headphones for running that they may last several workouts without having to load them. We recommend a couple that has at least 6 hours and last between two and three training without having to load them.
  3. compatibility. Technology changes constantly, so make sure that wireless headphones you choose are compatible with the device that you use, typically with current smartphones this is an easy task.
  4. resistance to sweat. Not every pair of bluetooth headset is sweat-resistant permanently. So try to find some that support those hours a week running also a lucky yet you can find with good warranty and water resistant.
  5. size. While all the technology it seems that while reducing measures, some components without cables are rather long, otherwise we would pay much more for a similar wireless technology.

Recommendations of helmets for running

Make running has become fashionable with what has increased the demand for this type of headphones and, as a result, manufacturers have placed the batteries and continuously improve its products. If you are someone who is going to run on a regular basis, you sure have you tried with a normal headset, not specific to sport, and have been able to experience the problem giving (sound, external noise, uncomfortable, move out of the ear,…).

For this reason we have decided to present you this series of headphones that you can forget about all these problems. There are many options more in the watched but these are, in our opinion, the best headphones for running. Depending on your budget, requirements and use wherever you go you give (even from your referring to the design tastes) agree you more buy a model or another. Now the choice is yours!

We have presented the headset according to the order in which we would buy them.