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Support sports bra Sensik

The Jiwokeuses enjoy running, cycling, walking… They love sport what!

But as I often reminded, women (and men for that matter) must be well-equipped during their training sessions to avoid cause pain to see injuries to their bodies.

So obviously, you have to have good shoes, the textile suitable (see compression garments) depending on the weather ( cold, hot, rain) and the time of day (especially at night).

And added to all this, women should equip underwear adapted sport.

On the upper body and chest, it is essential to have the right sports bra suitable for shaking a training session running, fitness, elliptical, carpets, etc …

Today I’d like to introduce a newcomer to market underwear sport: the sports bra with two piece from janesportsbras.

Besides being a brassiere (bra) sport, it incorporates a sensor on the front which measure much information about your training session.

So you can retrieve your heart rate (which is an important element in your session), but also the number of calories burned during the workout program, your distance, etc….

Concerning the heart rate, it’s really interesting because you will not need to put the belt around the chest that usually can measure your heart rate and that turns out some pretty painful to wear.

This sensor can transmit all this information on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) but also on your cardio shows if it is compatible Ant +.

Moreover, if you follow a training on the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine or exercise bike and your equipment is compatible ant + you will see some of its display information on the screen of your device.