Best Portable On-ear Headphones

Portable on-ear headphones. Buy Beats Solo 2 for 180 euros?

You’ve been looking for a model that is on-ear above the ear, as well as compact and portable to bring him here and there. If the size is what you care about and you don’t want an earphone in-ear while you are traveling, we have found something more comfortable, more compact, and which sounds better than the bluetooth headset Beats Solo 2. We are talking about the Bose Sound True, which were the winners of our comparative of helmets of music to enjoy this.

Best price found: 179€

They cost the same and give you all this for more. If you questions if the only 2 sound wrong, the answer is that not. In fact, helmets Beats mark has this model which is that they believe that they are those closer to make good sound. In addition to that can now be found quite discounted and If you have to buy a few Beats you can only recommend the Solo 2.

Best price found: €169
As you can see, are not anti-brand. We are pro-auriculares. If a manufacturer makes a good job we put it as high as if it is disastrous with a model. In the case of the Beats, we emphasize that most advertising is all they have, but occasionally is not sacrificed as much quality as it is the case of the only 2. But we are going to continue to see that.

Bluetooth headset for sport. Buy Sport wireless 2 for 180 euros?

This time you want to sweat-resistant beats headphones but also having Bluetooth technology to be used wirelessly. When you do training, sometimes the cable simply doesn’t work. To be fair makes missing say that them Sport 2 Bluetooth are an improves considerable with regard to sound compared with them options of headphones b with cable.

Best price found: €179
In fact, this model if it came some time ago at the end of our comparative of handsets running. To this day I do not know whether to continue in the ranking, but we see that alternatives we have at a similar price. After this comment, it must be said that you it’s a headset to ear with some negative things.

The bass is too strong that also extends too much in the media, doing everything, from guitars to low e not sound too well. And of course, that price inflation also helps you to find a better option. As an alternative to headphones cheap beats considered the Jaybird Blue buds X 2, which fits better to the ear, they sound great, weigh little and are really comfortable.

Best price found: €134
They have survived our tests of endurance and training. Addition to come with crowd of rubber to make them fit if or if in your cavity hearing, as well as a small cover type box to keep them well saved. Seriously, save you money and instead of these helmets beats buy the Jaybird we recommend.