Best Over-ear Headphones for Sports

All our recommendations are resistant to sweat, rain, and other stress factors that cause being in motion, without sacrificing the sound quality too. In our list you will find suggestions from 20 euros to 100.

Best price found: €85
We think that this is the best right now less than 100 euros for sport.

In addition, if you want to pay a little more to avoid wires, also recommend some Bluetooth headsets. We even have options in-ear and over-ear non-sealed, although we only recommend them if you’re really uncomfortable the normal in-ear.

If are looking for a pair of headphones to do exercise, should take him a look to our guide of headphones for running or if like be more specific headphones for the gym.

Look at our comparative full envelope headphones sports.

Over-ear earphones (closed)

The over-ear earphones are designed for much longer periods of listening.

Let me start by saying that some people simply do not like the feeling of the in-ear headphones. If this is your case, problem solved. Buy a few over-ear earphones. They are bulkier than its equivalent in-ear and whether they are founded as if they will not occupy much more space in your bag, but they are much more comfortable. The in-ear and over-ear they solve the same problem in different ways: the in-ear you isolate external noise from the inside and the over-ear covering the ear from the outside.

In terms of sound quality. Not long ago there was the idea that the in-ear headphones could not reproduce the same quality of sound than the over-ear and, to be fair, it is really hard to do a few drivers sufficiently small and delicate without harming the sound experience. In recent years, the technology has improved and you can get in-ear earphones that rival the over-ear in terms of sound quality. However, you must be willing to pay for it. On the contrary, we could say that you can get better sound quality at one lower price if you invest in a few over-ear.

What headphones buy for 150€ or less?

Headphones in this price range are a great investment to start for those seeking to get more out of your experience of listening to music.

The main reason that will take you to buy over-ear earphones of this range is its sound quality. Them good headphones in this range should have a good depth of field, some sharp clear, ones points low that are soft and not rumble and any range of frequency must dominate to them others. (Even in the case of headphones in which stand out the bass or treble should be able to hear everything clearly.) If you are looking for something to record your own music or like some headphones DJ, will have to find a pair that have a flat response (even treble, middle and bass).

Best price found: €89
Well cover your ears you cover also in quality. This is the model we most recommend.

Many recording studios use headphones in this price range, since they work perfectly and they are not so expensive as to which you have to be especially cautious when you work with them. Good representatives of this level of prices should be constructed of solid form, to be long-lived and comfortable during long periods of listening. In terms of materials, many are vinyl and plastic reinforcements of metal in the head bands and occasional steel parts. Also you will see small details like tomas plated in gold, swivel replaceable and folding or ear pads.