Best Mobile Phone for a Teenager

You want to equip your mobile teenager? The operators offer deals specially designed for them and allows you to maintain control over certain parameters.What choices are available to you?

Although few parents that can escape it: from the sixth grade, and sometimes even earlier, buying a mobile in their offspring becomes difficult to avoid. According to a Médiamétrie survey conducted in 2011 for the University Paris-Dauphine, the average age of acquiring the first mobile phone is now at only 11 years!

Besides the practical side there is to be able to join at any time, young people are willing their side to fit into a group of friends and keep in touch with them constantly. To adapt to these changing needs, the mobile operators offer special packages to teens.These offers allow parents to keep hold of a large number of parameters such as the volume of communication and the fair use of data , the nature of visited sites, geolocation … deciphers for you the different formulas and helps you to choose offer the most appropriate for your children.

First mobile package: a crucial choice for the tranquility of the parents

It is not advisable to choose a mobile package “standard” for a teenager. Without exception, the young do not themselves pay the monthly bill and have only a rough idea of the true cost of their favorite device. They can therefore tend to exceed the authorized ceiling cheerfully communications or data consumption on the Internet to watch their favorite videos or talk for hours with their best friends. With improved speeds that now the 4G technology , volumes can explode very quickly and lead to excessive billings at month end.

Beyond the single financial issue, packages “young” and other “12-18” often have the particularity to offer parents many tools that are similar to a real remote control of the child and his mobile business . This is an excellent way to reassure the first two or three years, then rein gradually as young as the gains in autonomy and responsibility … This obviously does not prevent the warning from the start giving safety rules to be adopted on the Internet or social networks!

The blocked package: a valuable tool to keep control

A traditional plan allows mostly holder to exceed the monthly budget allocated for voice calls, SMS or Internet. Exceeding however been overcharged. Nothing like fear through a locked package  ! Once the maximum is reached, it is possible to make phone calls or surf the Internet . The phone might still receive calls.

The blocked package is a particularly appropriate choice for a teenager or young adult who is struggling to limit itself to consumption. It is also possible to adjust very easily with the variety of offers available on the subject in network operators and virtual operators (Virgin Mobile, NRJ Mobile, La Poste Mobile …). A voice for blocking and the data can then be “compensated” with unlimited SMS, or even unlimited calls to two or three favorite numbers.

The blocked package is available with or without commitment. If lack of commitment offers the option to terminate the plan at any time without financial penalty, agree to commit to 12 or 24 months allows to benefit from a boost in the rate and better terms for a latest generation smartphone.

The prepaid card: advantageous or not?

Widespread there ten years, the prepaid card is a mobile mode of consumption slowing following the generalization of packages without commitment. It remains fairly common among young people 12 to 26 years! The prepaid plan continues to seduce in this age group in particular because it requires no subscription and is obtained via the purchase of a card entitling to a limited volume of communication, SMS and data. When the credit runs out, the phone remains reachable via an external call for several weeks or months. To regain the use, the owner must pay a recharge, store or online by credit card.

From the perspective of the parent, this billing method is more secure than a conventional package that puts the fait accompli at month end. Better, it offers the possibility to empower the young by imposing pay refills with his own pocket money . But be careful: the prepaid card cost significantly more expensive than a normal fee for an average consumer or greedy. Only a very occasional use of the credit makes the most cost-effective. It is especially recommended for a child or a young teen that you want to acquire a first mobile phone for the sole purpose of passing it calls.

Alternatives recommend

Operators are full of inventiveness when it comes to reassure parents and offer the malways more features to manage activity on their child’s mobile . The Windows mobile phones require for € 3 additional monthly add any package to the operator rather varied features on electronicsmatter:

  • Remote control of dialed numbers, sites visited, downloaded applications …
  • Defining specific slot to unlock access to certain uses or bonuses offered with mobile packages such as social networks, games or even SMS and calls.
  • Parental control and filtering of websites, according to a navigation profile to determine in advance depending on the age of the child.
  • Priority to calls from your number with, if necessary, break the current call.

So many options to consider for parents who feel that trust is built step by step and deserves!

Specific packages among major operators …

In large operators that dominate the telecommunications market in France, packages designed for young people are typically relegated to the range of their subsidiaries or low cost brands.

  • Orange is positioning itself primarily with younger with two packages blocked M6 Mobile. These formulas offer premium parental control, communication and two hours respectively 50  MB or 1  GB of data for € 9.99 and € 14.99 per month. After entering high school, this type of offer, however, may no longer suffice. To stay in the lap of Orange, it is possible to opt for Sosh package € 19.99 per month including calls and SMS / MMS Unlimited and 5GB of data.
  • SFR, the loss leader is currently the RED Mini Package € 5.99per month offering three hours of call in France, 50 MB of data and SMS / MMS unlimited.For € 1 more, this package is also available blocked release.
  • Among the unbeatable prices of the moment, the B & You 2 hours without commitment, with unlimited SMS is sold for € 3.99 per month . Offering the secure option for free, this formula does however include any data envelope.The mobile Internet is indeed charged € 0.05 per MB
  • Mention finallythe famous Free package at € 2. For that price, it offers two hours of call, SMS / MMS and unlimited 50 MB of mobile data. Caution, however, this formula can not be blocked and any excess will be charged € 0.05 per minute and communication MB of data!