Best Lumbar Back Support Belt

Back pain affects or will affect the vast majority of human beings. To prevent or alleviate this recurring pain, nothing like that back belts. Here are tips for choosing these orthotics support or maintenance counter.

Choose the size of the waist belt

The first thing to do to thelumbar belt to be effective is to choose its size. The morphology of each determines the height of the belt and waist circumference. A suitable material perfectly supports the bottom of the spine and reduces the risk of LBP. Snug, waist belt allows the rest of <b> dorsal muscles and thus reduce or dispel the pain. According to back pain, there are different types of back belts.

The back injury belts

Thoracolumbar belt for women from is a high belt that brings a muscle relaxant and analgesic effect. Its major role is to maintain the curvature of the spine in a good position thanks to strong contention. The straps, more or less tight, allow several settings contention to adapt better to different body positions.

Lumbar belts anatomic cut

Poor posture is usually the main cause of back pain. The use of a waist belt anatomically cut allows dynamic posture correction. The presence of pins provides a massaging and relaxing effect, ideal especially when sitting. The level of dorsal restraint is adjustable for a lumbar support Modular.

The maternity belts

Back pain is not necessarily due gardening, sports or poor bedding, weight gain is also a major factor in back pain. Pregnant women are so prone to such problems. To prevent and relieve pain, nothing like the <b> pregnancy belt. Worn over a garment or in the skin, it gives off a permanent heat in the lower back while decreasing sweating through a light and airy fabric.