Best Headphones Less than €40

What headphones to buy? The best here

We continually get the same questions: what headphones to buy? how much can I spend on headphones? or are the headphones Beats good? or what is the difference between the in-ear earphones and over-ear?. In the article of today want to answer you all these doubts.

We talked lightly on our main page, but here you extend the concepts. You will understand the differences between the in-ear earphones, over-ear and on-ear.

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In-ear earphones (into the ear)

Them headphones in-ear are portable, you help to isolate you of those noises that you surround and are very light, perfect for use during a trip, a training or any other activity that involves movement. In this sense, the over-ear headphones are much more bulky and heavy and also occupy more space in your bag. We advise you to buy a few in-ear earphones If you like to go with the music everywhere and don’t mind carrying something inside the ears for a while. On the negative side, some in-ear headphones will never have the same quality of sound than some over-ear, no matter what price range we are talking, something this small hard may have a good sound.

What headphones to buy for €40?

Most cheap headphones are Basic, beginner models. However, they may sound good, but they will never have the best quality of construction. The truth is that the headphones good resonance in this price range are not the easiest to find, but there are and they can reproduce all frequencies evenly with a clean (not sloppy or muddy) sound. The lyrics of the songs will be easy to understand and no instrument will dominate over the others.

Best price found: €29
Inside the ear and this price range we think that this is the best model.

In this sense, not should have that upload the volume to listen a range of frequencies determined, especially to the point of that preview is you make painful. For example, if want to better hear the bass line, the loud sounds should not cause you a WinCE. The headphones in this range of prices tend to be of plastic, silicone and rubber. For the most part, they are designed to last a maximum of a year or two, since what the manufacturers take precedence is profitability and not the longevity of devices.

If you are of those people lose things easily, you don’t want to worry about headphones take up too much space in your sports bag or, simply, you don’t mind all that fashion that there are today about more expensive headphones (although we recommend that you try them before making this last judgment), headphones in this price range could be the ideal for you.