Best Fabrics to Stay Cool

It’s been Scipio, arrived Charon … imaginary names and imagined by those who wanted to warn us and help us find a defense to these temperatures that are really able to arrostirci all! The air conditioning is turned on everywhere, and so, if I’m on the street to do some errands, within in almost all stores to “take a look” at new collections…… actually within mainly to cool, of course! Other remedies to survive the heat? Drink lots of water, tie your hair and wear clothes that let your skin breathe. About this last point today I want to suggest a bit ‘of fabrics to choose for your look-to-warm-super-sultry-impossible. The best choice would (of course) to walk around with a big air conditioner that there refreshments, but in the absence (alas) of this we can move to alternative solutions.


In addition to wearing dresses with short sleeves or around sleeves, shorts, skirts etc etc… I advise you to give importance to the fabric it is made the leader you choose to wear, especially at this time of year. There are some types of fabrics which, in contact with body heat, in itself, attaching to the skin, heat and create discomfort, imagine them worn in these days where the skin sweats and then happens a real bang. Therefore advised not to wear first of all fabrics synthetics in general that being made very often with a percentage of polyester, heat up almost automatically: specifically, I feel compelled to write blacklisted the satin, lycra, jersey and polyester, in fact. In these tissues if worn winter months pose no significant problems because the body has a normal temperature and also that no external influences on them, even at times are almost a barrier to the cold, especially the lycra, in my opinion. In the summer… basically absorb the heat, they will automatically heat up.
The result? Let’s say that the publicity of the famous deodorant that reads “altolà sweat” We could use such fabrics to make toys. But the sweat do not fight, believe me, with a simple deodorant, but not with the removal of the guilty heads!


What do you recommend, then? I personally have found that the natural fabrics, ie those derived from plants, or already present in nature and not created or altered by chemical filaments, are those that have left me more satisfied… and dry. Then we go looking for garments in silk, linen, cotton… these are primarily a salvation for me. For they are full of long dresses and baggy silk, like the one I showed you a few days ago here on Bigo, of pants in linen and fine cotton blouses. Among other things I also like for their natural colors that other highly important aspect, hardly exchange or discolors. Two other tissues that I wear with summer pleasure are chiffon and georgette that are made often with a silk percentage and thus helps them to be breathable as well as transparent.
I recommend then to your outfit.. which are colorful, imaginative, natural and fresh!