Best Diving Watches

Player in the world of watchmaking, alongside the aviators watches or military, diving watches are able to accompany their holders under the sea up to several hundred meters deep. Strong and powerful, they do not forget however to be elegant. The proof with these five divers among the most beautiful models of the moment.

Best Diving Watches

If the Rolex Submariner or timepieces designed by insidewatch are considered references to the realm of diving watches, other models manage to combine charm, strength and reliability. This is the case of watches part of the Seamaster Planet Ocean collection of the Omega Factory. The Deep Black, available since June 30, have a housing formed from a single ceramic block and a rubber strap with textile appearance. These divers black, elegant and sporty, are waterproof to 600 meters.

Aesthetic and robust watches

The independent Swiss watchmaker Oris has also chosen the color black for his last dive watch.Dubbed El Hierro Oris Limited Edition, this timepiece produced 2000 copies has a black stainless steel enclosure, embellished with gray and red accents. Shades reminiscent of the submarine volcano on the island of El Hierro, which is part of the Canary archipelago. Still on black watches, the legendary Triton Spirotechnique has recently resurfaced as the Subphotique. Upon its release in 1963, this tri-color model was selling more than a Rolex Submariner. And if the Triton brand then disappeared, it has just been relaunched for the delight of nostalgic by two French entrepreneurs.

Those who prefer to dive with a blue timepiece may not be seduced by the latest variation of the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe of Blancpain. This watch, waterproof to 300 meters and equipped with an automatic mechanical caliber features a blue dial beautifully. It also has a 43 mm enclosure gray plasma ceramic. The Franco-Swiss watchmaker Ralf Tech, meanwhile, mixed blue, black and white on its WRV Automatic 1977 “Riviera”. This diver, water resistant to 200 meters, is characterized by its vintage look with its cushion-shaped case. A stylish and cool model, ideal for summer.