Best Cycling Jerseys for Winter

A winter suit is essential to continue to practice with pleasure the road cycling or mountain biking  in winter. Each jersey has different characteristics such as the type of insulation, type of tissue, degree of breathability… Choose the one that best suits you in asking the right questions about your use!

A cycling jersey for each practice

There is a jersey for each type of practice and climate.

By cooler weather and / or an occasional practice / leisure, soft and lightweight fabric remains the most suitable.

For outputs at the beginning of the cold season and / or a regular cycle, it is appropriate that the shirt offers comfort and proper breathability. For long trips in temperate climate and fresh, it is important to be comfortable and not to feel the adverse effects of perspiration.

By cold winter weather and / or a sport, the shirt must have a very good thermal insulation with a high breathability. It is essential not to feel cold due to air feeling through the shirt or sweat accumulating in the jersey. An elastic system back holding is also strongly recommended for this type of intense practice.

The main features of a winter jersey

Winter suits usually offer the following basic characteristics.

The thermal insulation

Enhanced thermal insulation can cut the cold and keep the heat from the body. The fabric determines the degree of insulation. For example, a scraped component will protect more cold.


Enhanced breathability evacuates sweat outside. This prevents the accumulation of moisture in the shirt and the sensation of cold that follows. The type of fabric also determines the degree of breathability of the jersey.

The fitted cut

A soft cloth and a close fit to avoid too loose shirt effect that lets the air. The jerseys elastic material are top performers on this characteristic.

Some jerseys, more efficient, offer additional features that enhance rider comfort:

-A silicone elastic in the back ensures the maintenance of the suit and prevent it back. This maintenance is very significant for long and intense practices;

-The removable sleeves to fit the suit the heat conditions during an outing by changing times. The possibility of moving to a maillot in seconds is very useful, especially for practice bike during the offseason.

The extras Winter jersey

The accessories offered by sportingology on each cycling jersey are to consider before making a final choice. Even if they do not seem essential, they can bring essential and practical advantages:

-Visibility on the road is a vital component of security. In winter or on cloudy days, it is greatly diminished. It is therefore essential to be seen and to use reflective tape to costumes for practice on road;

– The back pockets are a great asset to a cycling jersey . They allow you to easily carry liquids or food, without the need to bring an uncomfortable backpack. Furthermore, zip pockets are very useful for transporting keys, wallet …;

-The presence of a zip is also a plus. It allows easy donning, ideal to change quickly without catching cold;

-The weight and footprint of the jersey also to consider if you need to transport your gear in a backpack, or travel with your bike.

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