Best Cycling Jersey for Summer

MTB equipment: the second layer of bike clothing

Short-sleeved? long sleeves? fully open? Central? What to choose?

Once you have chosen your bike under garment, you can lean on choosing your bike shirt. When temperatures become warmer, the  bicycle jersey waisted short sleeve is required.

Overall, regular mountain bikers are rather short-sleeved shirt fans with zipped opening is short (15-18 cm), is complete.

I advise you not central opening to show off your chest (or chest ladies) but to optimize ventilation during the ascent passes, bumps (…).

These jerseys are usually equipped with vintage pockets in the lower back (handy to slip cereal bars, gels and keys for those who do not have water bag).

There are also more comfortable and suits (like the one below) which are rather preferred for addicts mountainbike downhill, freeride, enduro or just for practitioners who do not want performance. Indeed, the wide cut leaves the rider a good amplitude in these movements.

The emergence of technical fabrics in recent years has made more efficient ventilation, comfort, lightness of the bike equipment. The best compromise is to opt for a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable. It must be ventilated and ventilated with silicone on the bottom of the shirt to prevent the rise of it and possible overheating.

If the temperature gets cooler (especially in mid season), feel free to provide for the use of long sleeve cycling jersey and short suit accompanied by headlines (cross country and marathon).