Best Cots for Babies

When a baby is on the way there are many things to think about and between things useful and those that are essential there is also the cot. Some people prefer to choose a crib for the first few months and who suffered a cot, which should then be well for some time, but whatever your idea, designers and craftsmen have come up with many beautiful solutions, playing with shapes and materials.

Best Cots for Babies

Absolutely dream this bed handmade by Crème Anglaise, carved wood, shaped like a crescent moon, for a really special bed.

Stokke Sleepi instead with the line bed and Mini has two solutions that can transform and expand, following the baby’s growth. Oval-shaped, wooden, with many accessories to add comfort and color.

Best Cots for Babies 1

The cradle adorable vintage bamboo presented on the blog Almalu’s Place, light and durable, covered with a soft bumpers and colorful covers. Find what does BEST stand for on abbreviationfinder.

The design of the bed Fubu is however absolutely minimal: wood and felt for a Nordic look, simple and functional. Fubu has also considered the cradle to hang, a widely used time. Light and warm, wool felt, an ancient material very reevaluated today, naturally fire retardant and insulator.

Best Cots for Babies 2

Always felt but with an almost ethnic is the cradle to hang designed by Søren Ulrick Petersen Design SUP, while that of Woodly is a nest in wool felt and untreated wood.

The designer Kenneth Cobonpue , unmistakable style and loved by Hollywood stars, has designed the cradle Le Petit Voyage, abaca, a plant native to the Philippines, and steel. Light and essential for traveling with dreams.

Best Cots for Babies 3

And if you’re idea of sleeping with the little one in Latvia, there is the right solution for this: the cradle Belly , for co-sleeping. The space in the bed is without prejudice but the baby is always nearby. Better than that!