Best Bluetooth Headsets for Cell Phones

Best Bluetooth Headset. Buy Beats Studio by 280 euros?

As you can see the same version but Wireless may cost a little more. In fact as we discussed in the review of the Beats Studio is offerings (linked in that will help you to buy a few Beats Studio headphones for about 200 euros. However, in this same category, we can recommend other models like for example Jabra Move.

Best price found: €280
Grace is that they are worth almost $ 200 less than the wireless Beats Studio 2.0 and think they sound even better… For something have been winners of the analysis comparison of value for money as we write this article. They are light, great at listening, very comfortable on the head and there are various colors available. As if this outside little have a life of battery great, in fact in our tests we lasted more than 14 hours running before had that load it.

So in summary, unless you want to mark “headphones b” in front of the ears, you can save 200 euros acquiring the Jabra above.

Give me equal the price. Buy the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio for 380 euros?

Vale understand it, you don’t mind paying. If it is by design not import you acquire a few Beats then, but if you want the best quality for your money, I recommend that you look at this small section. The truth is that there are interesting alternatives for bluetooth headset you can buy before Beats helmets. First the Jabra Move you just recommended.

But what are good to have noise cancellation? Certainly in this case the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio are the best, and before this we priorizaríamos to buy the Bose QuietComfort 25 to less than 300 euros (better and cheaper than for B, for a change).

Best price found: €289
Without a doubt these are the best to cancel the foreign sound of your ears. The Bose have NC technology that no one has more equalized. The sea of decent sound, and when no doubt some need sound as the top priority and want both the best… You will be better. Our comparative can look the best models with noise cancellation to see more alternatives.

We do not recommend the Beats?

We are going to see. We test headphones more prominent and purchased with an open mind. We like to see that you there are new on the market and we love hearing technology. Even so, we believe that the Beats have positioned itself as a luxury brand. So in the end what you have is a mentality of label. Already know that in these situations prices rise more than what would have or deserve.

In our case we have no problem to pay more if it means more quality, but we will not only by a logo. So we will continue to lurk if brand launches new helmets Beats, and if they are worth will be the first to say it. Just as we do with every brand. We are all ears.