Best Belly Belt for Pregnancy

The simple idea when you’re pregnant is to surround her outfits under the belly (low rise) or under the bust (empire waist), just to showcase its new curves-finally, above all.

Best Belly Belt for Pregnancy

The ideal belt, I found it!
This is the drawstring jersey.

This idea came to me through the holding commissioned last summer at Antal & Rosie. Visit Bestaah for pregnancy belly support belts.
The stylist, Aurelia, was carefully added to this accessory dress.
(Aurelie, to when the new capsule collection? I can not wait!)

The great thing with the jersey, is that it is elastic, we can recover by cutting strips in old tee shirt of her man , and thus get a nice collection to match her maternity wear.
we can also weave three bands in order to achieve a thicker belt and as colorful.

Clothing, simple for this first Sunday feels like spring:
-the Moodkit * Vanilla: the moodkit spring! One who will not shade your colorful outfits.
-A r obe striped tie and jersey  Antal & Rosie – PE13 collection.