Best Affordable Pencil Skirts

With a small budget, lots of ideas for you!

Would you like to renew your wardrobe on the cheap?

This year the winning garment is the skirt.

So for you many low cost, mini, midi and colored models.

Choose the one that fits your style!

We start with a basic model, comfortable and at the same time easy to match to the look.

It is a jersey calf length pencil skirt as described in low-cost clothing with elastic waist.

If you liked photo model find by H & M to € 9.95.

A color to bet on this year?

The grey!

Choose a high-waisted skirt basic to match with ease to the look.

You can pair your model in photo (at a super price low cost € 8 from Ovs) link to fantasies and solid.

This year the runways triumphed the fifties style skirt from swing model.

This model in addition to being super trend helps hide hips and to highlight the waist and the top.

The model in the picture is short and perfect match jersey at bordeaux.

If you’d like to find him by H & M to € 14.95.

Other model at a super low cost is that proposed in photos.

This is a pencil skirt (Zara, £ 9.99) fitted with horizontal stripes.

Only caveat: remember that horizontal lines tend to accentuate the forms.

Recommended to those with a b side flat and dry.

Another model to recycle next year and buy a cheap price by taking advantage of the balances is that proposed in photos.

This is a short skirt cotton jacquard fabric with zipper and clip back.

You find it on sale from Mango to € 14.99.

Why not welcome spring by opting for a floral skirt?

The skirt in the picture is perfect when combined with a plum-colored top.

It is a lightweight fabric with floral print swing model to wear in spring with short boots and summer with sandals to match the top.

Finds from Mango to € 14.99.

Why not take advantage of the outlet and buy a black skirt at a discount to be used even in the summer?

The proposed model in the picture is the autumn winter collection of Zara (£ 14.99).

Wear it with a colorful top and a pair of high-heeled shoes.



The tendency to exploit even during the summer?The Black Lace!

Why not think of a lace skirt to match the look?

The model in the picture is slightly high-waisted flared.

Go for total black or white to match it.

Find by Ovs € 15.