Best Affordable Designer Jeans

Inspired by the good feedback I got on my last article with accessories, I thought I’d follow up with a similar about jeans. We have been a bit bad at writing about denim lately, we’ll try to sharpen us there. But before that, I’d recommend the real enthusiasts to visit the blog Repeat To Fade. There you will find skinny jeans at a high level, in the very best sense of the word.

But for today, we are content to pick up little tidbits out of online shopping. We have selected five pairs of unwashed jeans from which all goes for under a thousand dollars. A current factor at the end of the month. And to make it a bit harder, we chose only the Swedish jeans brands, there are so many good examples it was worth to be highlighted a bit extra.

We start in Alingsås, with the Swedish jeans brand Pace. Here, they have a model that can both be worn high or lower on your hip with good results. Classic five pockets with Pace’s characteristic knitting on both back pockets, coin pocket.

Pace P-001 Lowrider Raw, 795 kroner at Sivletto.

Cheap Monday is best known for its budget options à 400 dollars, but looking for one a little further up the price tiers are there more fun things to find. Latjo Lajban Vintage is a silly name, but a very good idea. Vintage models at a good price, and screwed to the result slightly with the details. This model has, for example, selvagekanten on the inside of the leg–something that at least I never saw before.

Cheap Monday Inside the Blue skinny jeans, 600 kronor in Thedressexplorer.

S is both a Journal as a store and clothing line. A sympathetic combination. The jeans are named after things in their vicinity, and the current model gets its name from the address where the company had its offices earlier. Loose fit and can be worn both high and low without any problems.

S Jeans Möllevångsgatan 41 Raw, 700 dollars in S.

One cannot talk about Swedish denim without mentioning Acne Jeans. So even here, despite the fact that they go over the budget with a Crown. Max is now a classic stovepipe model that you are guaranteed to be seen hundreds of times in town. A neo-classical American skyline, one might say, but no less attractive for it.

Acne Jeans Max Raw, 1000 kroons by Acne Jeans

To Dr. Denim is true jeans enthusiasts we have known for a long time. They have everything from elaborate lyxjeans to more budget-friendly options. The model that I have chosen is simple, slim and have low pockets. No stretch in the fabric at all gives a stiffer, but a bit more neat look.

Dr Denim Jeans Raw Indigo, Terence 700 crowns at Zoovillage