Benefits of LED Lighting

We’ve shown you in a previous article; a few months after investing in LED bulbs will achieve up to 90% savings on your energy bill; this is already huge.

-Apart from these savings you will see also that the LED lamps have no ignition delay;they produce 100% of their light output from power and without falter or change color with age. It’s just that spent 90% of their life they will weaken slightly before stop working.

-The average lifespan announced for all solutions of LED lighting is around 25 000 hours. This means that a lit bulb 4 hours per day enlighten you for 17 years! 17 years without lamp change: now more easily understand that the major brands of lighting quick to put on the market at competitive prices for products that would soon to undermine the lucrative market that is regular replacement solutions lighting. Could he have there not some form of lobby in this process?

-Unlike incandescent or halogen lamps, LED lamps that do not contain high-temperature filament focused support without any problem of the repeated on / off cycles. Not talking about energy saving lamps that turn out to be poor players if you make them undergo this torture.

-According to ledlightsclassified, the LED lighting in its various forms (spotlights, bulbs, tubes, panels .. Etc.) emits no ultraviolet rays unlike conventional light sources with UV products in addition to the visible spectrum rays damage the colors. To convince you, simply expose a colorful package in the light of a halogen spotlight. After a few hours you will find that the colors have spent if you compare the same package exposed to LED spot.

-Fluorescent tubes supplied with 50 Hz (frequency of 230V) produce a flicker at a frequency of 100 Hz undetectable to the eye but by its flickering strobe effect may be responsible for fatigue or discomfort. By replacing these tubes with LED tubes completely you will remove these harmful effects while avoiding regular replacement of ballast transformers and chokes as LED tubes work without them!

You’ll understand the LED lighting is innovative and environmentally friendly; by its durability and low cost of operation, it is perfectly in an eco-responsible and sustainable attitude.