Benefits of LED Aquarium Lighting

The advantages of LED lamps for aquarium compared to conventional lighting is LED lighting that looks very advantageous for all. LED lamps are very popular in domestic and in other areas, but also in the aquarium.

The advantages of LED lamps aquarium

LED lighting, efficient lighting

If this new technology is the first choice, it is because it consumes less power than conventional technology.Moreover, the life of the LED lamps is greatly longer than that of a neon or other tube. With a life span of 50 000 hours (equivalent to several tens of years), it is not necessary to renew at any instant lighting, unlike a life period of 10 000 hours for conventional lighting. Thanks to these properties, LED lamps meet the environmental requirements of the EEC, including RoHS. The LED lighting is also an environmentally friendly technology. Without any trace of mercury, LED lamps can be recycled. They are safe for you and your fish.

A varied intensity with less heat for your aquarium

In the hetongdiy, skilled LED products “dimmable” are available. The change gives you the ability to vary the intensity of LED lighting, frequently via an external controller or integrated with the ramp. Apart from its other functions, the controller can simulate sunrise and sunset in your aquarium. Not only will your aquarium has a fun aspect, but also your fish are less stressed. With LED technology, more unsightly and too noisy fan in your room. In addition, the water temperature problems are ended. To be more specific, a heat sink absorbs heat from an LED lamp.

Other advantages of LED lamps

The LED lamps are everywhere and come in different types. These products are available in several categories with low voltage. Very compact and very robust, the LED lamps are resistant to water your aquarium and they appear insensitive to shock. With its sub-categories and multiple colors, LED technology allows a decorative lighting for your aquarium. Your aquarium is no longer a simple object placed on the table of your room, it’s now just a decorative item to beautify and make more gay your room.