Benefits of Leather Belts

In 19th century England the nicest suits could be seen: in the morning the cutaways or rarer still frock coats, shapely tailcoats were in the soirees then worn. Only one point would have an observer from today’s time certainly is a little surprising: Nobody wore a belt. Were the pants as accurately tailored that they just do not slipped?

Benefits of Leather Belts


Not so, of course. The Lord of the world fell back at this time on the suspenders, the elegantly hidden beneath the vest carried out his work. The braces had this regime while not only fix the advantage the pants, but also to stretch the carrier optically. The Show suspender was however extremely indelicate. But this was necessary, as we often spent the early 20th century his free time in the open air.The vest was then stored and to light the suspenders came. A circumstance, which had to be remedied.

This was done with a simple piece of leather, in which some holes were drilled at one end a buckle was attached. The belt is technically considered a most simple construction. This is also one reason why he is one of the oldest garments in the world and already belts could be found from the Bronze Age.The braces, however, is already a piece far more complicated technology. It consists of two rubber strips which are stretched over the shoulder and be fixed at the front with four clips on the waistband. On the back two clips are attached to the waistband.


The simplicity of the belt against the braces and its unobtrusiveness when worn are absolute advantages, according to agooddir. It can be found in lovely shades of brown, but also in black and its application. For a gentleman both colors are always fit. Black to frequent tightening colors adapts as dark blue or even black too well, a brown or cognac-colored belt, however, can put fine highlights. From other colors such as white or materials such as fabric, however, should be refrained. For the commandment of understatement engages here. So the gentleman pays more attention to supporting its accessory discreet. This applies of course also for the belt buckle: It needs no elaborate decorations or designs, simplicity convinced here. Whether buckle or coupling is entirely up to the taste. Maybe you should buy both and then any time a new decision.

Many a time the decision is not necessary: To a tailcoat only braces are worn namely.