Bell Gage Cycling Helmet

Turning Against The New Helmet Bell Gage

Bell and Giro are two of the biggest names in bike helmets, and have been for the better part of 20 years. But in 1996, when Bell (which had been number one in sales) bought to turn (number two), feared that Bell could also absorb twist style and both lines would become a single.
Time has shown that it has not happened, and that such a thing will not happen.
The two manufacturers have not become a one giant, and its design lines have remained different over time.

Far I me memory, Bell helmets have always been more circular, while the Giro are more suitable for people with a more oval head shaped.

Since my head is more rounded than oval style Charlie Brown (not to mention Calimero or Atom Ant), since the late 1980s and early to mid-90s, always wore Bell helmets. Sometime between the

Bell Gage Cycling Helmet

97 or 98, Bell launched the Pro Evo and scored what was a difference of what up to then had been the old Bell line.
Compared to spinning, Especialized and most other manufacturers, the Pro Evo had a “deeper” fixation. By this I mean that the helmet covered most the head. I could not have it noticed it not by two facts that collide each other. First, there was no way that could keep the sunglasses for helmet ventilation holes. Second, it came down to a point that came to make contact with the top of my glasses. Every bump that was in the way, the helmet gave a sharp blow with the frame of the glasses.

So it was, as it happened with each Bell Helmet I’ve tried for more than 10 years. Some even were supported directly on the glasses. Not to mention the uncomfortable inconvenience would be like committing a crime against the obvious.

Bell Gage Cycling Helmet

At the moment it breaks into the market the new Helmet Bell Gage black matte 2013. I am pleased to report on the improvements of the new Gage of Bell against the previous, too “deep” for me.
I assume that some people have never been able to have the same problem, but my head is not anomalous. I can not have been the only person to experience this “small problem”.

The setting yet still feeling too low, but I have been able to carry this helmet with goggles, Spy, Smith and Shimano without the helmet walk all the time banging on the mount.
However it still makes noise against my Assos Zegho Racing goggles, which are totally incompatible with this helmet.
We can forget save them between the vents; the air intakes are too far removed to place the pins.

This bucket of €150 continues with the typical design details that Bell became known long ago.
In particular points symmetrically flared in the back of the helmet make you remember in a certain way to design the cars of the 1950s and early 1960.

Already some time ago that I stopped attending the debates about which helmet is the most ventilated. The last time that a helmet left me sweaty and overheated head in full summer heat wave were times when my head still had long hair.
In fact today I need to wear a hat underneath to prevent Sun burns me, while in the winter the head it chills me.

Helmet Bell Gage black matte 2013 marks differences over its competitors in a significant way: its size is smaller. A small Bell is not the same as a small Specialized, Giro or Lazer.
My son is about to enter adolescence, when that happens your first jump in helmets for adults is almost certain to be a small Bell.

Bell town because it is a great choice for people with small heads, as for example women, who usually have heads smaller than men.

There are many things that I like about the new helmet Bell Gage black matte 2013. Like its competitors, the Aeon and prevail, the Gage uses belts and a thin and light coupling system.

Spotlight use thin straps is not only weight, but above all the smaller-capacity sweat absorption, resulting in greater comfort to restart the March.
Which brings us to the pads of X-Static, a material that incorporates silver fibers to inhibit the growth of bacteria that make that town no longer smell skull decomposed soon give you some uses…
This works so well and it has been so widely adopted in most current helmets, and it is becoming all of a standard industry.
Another practice that has become the industry standard are the molded Microshells Fusion, which simultaneously increases durability and good looks of the helmet. Talking about it even at this price, you are given the option of eight different finishes.

Retainer of the occipital of Bell is called TAG for double shaft gears, i.e. when the user pressed the device, not only decreases the effective circumference of hull, also moves up for better support of the occipital Protuberance of smaller heads.

The reality is that I like this helmet, the adjustment problems be avoided be my town’s newspaper.
The good news is that this means that there are many users for whom this helmet will come you like a glove. Fortunately for the diversity and dynamism in the sector of manufacturers, there is always an ideal for a type of head helmet.

It is good that town Bel Gage stop range, cost about €50 less that the twist, when the cost of so many things just continues to grow, Bell deserves some praise for making a worthy professional product, without participating in the price war.

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