Belkin NetCam Install Guide

Belkin Netcam

Announced in the US in late 2012, the NetCam is an IP camera based entirely on the service eponymous cloud . It therefore is inscribed in home automation line alongside WeMo connected products.

Design and Ergonomics
NetCam is an IP camera very small dimensions: 12 cm high, 5.7 cm wide and 8 cm deep, including foot. The latter consists of an attachable base to the wall or ceiling (two screws and plugs are provided), topped by a rod with a ball that tightened or loosened via a plastic nut. A metal washer nimble foot just right so that the camera can also take simply placed on a surface. The white plastic finish appears serious even if the shiny side tends to attract attention, which is not necessarily desirable for a surveillance camera. A matt black or gray shroud would be more discreet. But hey, it is a consumer product which is primarily monitor appearance.

No engine here, but like most fixed cameras, the objective of the NetCam is sufficiently wide-angle (30 mm or 80 ° diagonal) to cover a much wider area. This does not replace it, but it’s enough to film a hall for example. In terms of specifications, go to the US site to learn more about the NetCam. We discover that it integrates a CMOS sensor 1/4 ” in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and Wi-Fi b / g / n. The visible Ethernet port on the back of the camera is of type 10/100. Finally, we know that the NetCam is equipped with night vision, a motion detection module and a microphone.

About the installation phase

The NetCam stands out from its competitors in the specific and crucial area installation. If the network concept gives you eczema, know that the ointment … Belkin is effective but requires a smartphone or tablet. Application NetCam downloaded and account created cloud, simply turn the switch on the camera back to the high position (setting), connect the terminal to the wireless network transmitted by the camera, and launch the mobile app. The setting, then, is simply to inform the home Wi-Fi network that the camera will have to sign, and return its identifiers NetCam account previously established. It remains only to lower the switch to the down position and it’s ready.

Administration and features
IP camera management is done either from the site netcam .Our site
, or from the NetCam application. And here too, everything is perfectly “Ms. Michu friendly”, except English. Left you select the camera position, viewing happens. A plugin is required to benefit from the latest version of the video player: you can decide not to install it, but it will do so without audio.

In the tab Camera Settings, you can change the camera name, time zone, the video settings (resolution, fps, encoding quality, refresh rate, image rotation) or enable audio capture and the infrared diodes.

What else? It can share its IP camera to give the possibility to relatives to see through the eyes of the camera (provided, there also create a NetCam account). The tab Feeds gathers all active shares you can access. Finally, the user can enable or disable motion detection, sensitivity and decide to send alerts (email and / or push notifications on mobile). The tab Clips groups meanwhile all records produced by the NetCam. These are stored on the cloud Belkin for 30 days, with € 4.99 per month for premium offer. A free trial is offered for this beta still in service at the time of writing.

Quality of results
Instead of records, we should speak of image slide show, to 1 frame per second. You can download them locally, as photos of .zip. The quality … is such that one can imagine with 640 x 480 pixels. If the subject moves much or is too far away, the pictures will not give a vague idea of the figure of the intruder. The NetCam HD, big sister accessing 720p, is our best advice.

The detection proves effective, the reactivity of the notification also. But the cloud of Belkin often suffers from a fairly pronounced latency. At the time of detection, the record often displays a single image, and without the subject that triggered the movement. We must wait, or change the tab and return to Clips for that check finally reveals all its clichés.

The mobile application provides the same opportunities that the site, and adds the added ability to capture snapshots and film on demand. The videos stored on the device are 640 x 480 stream horribly compressed (160 kbps) and low fluids (11 im / s). Sufficient in case of static subject, but they will not allow a serene recognition in case of sharp movements. Note that capture the demand is not possible from the website.


Sold at less than 90 €, the NetCam is, in many ways, attractive. Small and well finished, the Belkin IP camera is mainly a model of simplicity for those who want a video surveillance solution without the slightest notion network. As easy to install (without computer) to use (a cloud-based service platform), the NetCam goes to the essential features of the side: night vision, motion detection, email alerts, mobile and remote recordings. That said, flaws remain, such as the low resolution of the sensor, lack of settings for advanced users (FTP, server, planning, compatibility with an external alarm, etc) or full dependence on a cloud service still blurred (in beta), but sooner or later become paying and rather expensive (4.99 € / month). Also, if this package does not put you off, consider instead the HD version of the NetCam.