Being Attractive Is a Matter of Attitude (And to Change Seven Bad Habits)

Appearances aren’t everything. Our mothers told it from a very small, but many times we strive to ignore them and concern us more than our outward appearance to cultivate our interior. However, be attraction of truth has much more to do with your attitude that with the right haircut look. And with delete these seven habits, real errors in that if you fall just get people you avoid, by very cute wherever you go.

1 believe the center of the universe.

The center of the universe is not in our navel or at place called Fraggle Rock. Take it and open to the possibility that there are other people with our lives, with feelings and problems, it is the first step to be a great person.

2 judge others all the time.

Life is neither white nor black and, of course, cannot judge it only from the standards of an individual. Don’t fall into the deadly trap of judging people from your perspective, it opens your mind, live and let live, be water, my friend…

3 be unsafe.

Feeling out of place and being afraid of everything we do turns us into shadows of ourselves. That Yes: believing in oneself is not synonymous with being a believed.

4 we spend whining, fussy or be victimhood.

No one likes to be always with a drama queen, a person who behaves like a child with tantrums, that gets made a Hydra because capers have added you to your order or sees everything always black.

5 be little empathic.

Ignore the circumstances of others, not being able to put ourselves in their place and understand them makes us less attractive people. The people who have empathy and that is always ready to understand is people that one wants to always count.

6 lie, lie and lie more.

This point does not need explanation, right?

7 speak evil to the world.

When we don’t have anything good to say, better not to say anything. And above all do not fall into the trap of open mouth to demonstrate that the really bad thing is our habit of throwing insults and rudeness.

In Jezebel | 5 truths that are not always (and believe us either repeat them)