BEAUTYCOLOR Presents New Colors of Nail Polish

The BEAUTYCOLOR chose the world of surrealism and great hits of the musical universe to create your new glazes. The topics were the inspirations for the creation of new colors arriving to complete brand portfolio.

The colors and their meanings

Destination, Surreal and Metamorphosis were inspired by famous surrealist paintings and their particularities, which merges shapes, colors and textures, mixing with the abstract. The colors, in sober tones, are seen in old paintings.

Destination -the Destination nude gives a atmosphere of purity and delicacy;

Surreal -A grayish plum that brings an air of nobility, mixing success and creativity;

Metamorphosis -the color Morph is hot, luxurious and slightly Orange;

Marvin, Marsala Fever and Last Kiss were inspired in great songs of the ‘ 80, 90 and 2000. The colors are classic and beloved by women.

Marvin- The combination of brown with gray, a classic and refined, have your name from the version of the Titans of the famous music Patches;

Marsala Fever- Madonna’s music inspired the Marsala, red tone currently most wanted by women;

Last Kiss – The music performed by Pearl Jam named the tom nude, a romantic color that goes with everything;

BEAUTYCOLOR glazes have high durability, perfect coverage, bright and fast drying.

Suggested retail price: 3.19

Where to find:

Major perfume shops, drug stores and supermarkets throughout Brazil.