Beauty Tutorial: Make “Nothing”

Some readers have asked me to tell how do I make “nothing”, after I posted a picture on instagram, showing my latest acquisitions and beauty.

I enjoy much makeup and love test releases. So I always end up buying more than I really need for the “face-lift” of every morning. Almost always end up using the same products!

The effect is as if you had agreed with the skin uniform, lit up and flushed, a marvel! And the cool thing is that – despite of the various products, must sound unpretentious. The step by step is great, but I guarantee that with little training you will be able to do it all in 5 minutes. I often do in car!

Here we go:

  1. Moisturizer with sunscreen, Avène > apply on face and neck to moisturize and protect. “Luminous” effect in the Act!
  2. Of Benefit Porefessional Primer, > This product is awesome! It decreases the effect of open pores and leaves skin with a velvety texture and uniform. Use the nose and cheeks, near the nose.
  3. Hello Flawless Base Oxygen Wow, the Benefit (Ivory color) > apply the product on top of the hand before, and with your finger, make little dots on the nose, Chin, forehead, beneath the eyes and cheekbones. With a brush, apply the Center out (of the nose toward the forehead, ears and neck)
  4. Primer, Lemon Aid, Benefit > This primer to concealer neutralizes the purple of dark circles and dots. Apply with the ring finger, without spreading and Yes with Pat for a light coverage.
  5. Concealer, MAC (NC 20 color) > same process of Lemon Aid-apply the product under the eyes and on blemishes.
  6. Powder bronzer, Bourjois > apply very little, with a brush “fat” on the forehead and cheekbones, for a slight Tan.
  7. Rouge Fleur Power MAC > apply on cheekbones for a healthy air, flushed.
  8. Heather, Bobbi Brown Shadow > color is great to give depth to the look. Apply throughout the mobile eyelid, making the concave and underneath, with a beveled brush, close to the eyelashes
  9. Gel Eyeliner, MAC Fluidline, (color Dipdown) > also with chafrado brush, make a risk close to the root of the eyelashes superior – you can do the pulled kitten or not. I vario! =)
  • Bountiful Beautiful Pencil, MAC > if you want to override the eyeliner and shadow at the bottom of the eyes, apply Brown pencil on waterline and the do the same stroke of eyeliner on the top. Is lighter. Vanish for a discreet effect.
  • Mascara Hypnôse Drama, Lancome > layers and more layers of black mascara for a “look of cat-learn how to apply with this great video of Helena Lunardelli !
  • Strobe Illuminator Liquid, MAC > apply at the temples, nose and top lip pout “.
  • Lipstick Honeylove, MAC > Finally, my favorite lipstick. I love the texture and color of his mouth. Let the focus to the lighted eyes and skin!

Ready to face the day with a “skin of Queen and look of Pussycat”.
If you feel confused, leave a comment that I win the shame and record a video.

Oh! It is worth remembering the true “base” for beautiful skin is the daily care. I say from experience. Until July of that year, only used samples of beauty creams and felt ok. But that’s when I started my dermatological treatment with Dr. Carla Vidal I saw a true “miracle” happen (miss my arsenal of products that were in Brazil). I’m happy and super recommend investing in a monitoring and specialized treatment. Do was the difference.