Beauty Tips Cosmetic Quote!

One more week starting and here’s news of beauty chicks huhuuu. Founded in 1965, in the city of Duque de Caxias, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the directors of the Aspa Cosmetics were inspired by the beauty of the woman in the blue Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to create exclusive products, modern and efficient for women who know how to value each detail of your beauty. The Aspa cosmetics, as they themselves say has a line to use “head to toe”, surely you’ve ever used any of these products. What I already knew was the makeup fixative spray, which by the way is great, but they have fasteners, volume mousse for hair, pantyhose and many other products (all in spray). They did a Special Edition miniatures with vintage packaging to celebrate the anniversary of the brand from, which was blowing the candles of 50 years in the Beauty fair.

A brand that works with products in your vast majority are in spray, has hair products as:Fasteners, root touch-up, glitter to the wires, argan, removable makeup treatments and much more. You can find the products Quote the best pharmacies and cosmetics shops in your town. If you’re a “shopkeeper” and wants to sell Cosmetics Quote, contact the New Face (67) 3326-7110 Distributor, there only sells wholesale right folks! If you do not find these amazing products in the stores of your city’s beauty products, talk to the responsible for it running behind your products.

I already knew the fastener of the Quote, I have and use for ages, and there in the Beauty Fair 2015 I could get close to the mark, the owner of the Aspa was super sweet and helpful to me, loved too much to meet the mark! I attended some lectures and demonstrations of products and I was delighted with the results. Another new bombastic the quote is the makeover spray finisher that was released there, VELVET, he takes the oiliness of the skin, leaving a velvety touch and matte (no glare), soon will be in stores. Come meet a little bit of the products below, I’m using and loving the results.

The new Spray Gloss of Sexy Town, facilitates the work of the professional, with a smooth in a moment. The components form a cuticle repairman film with sliding and super gloss effect, ensuring faster results in the use of the dryer and Board with components that help in thermal protection. Can be used as a finisher for all hair types. Avoids the excessive dryness, dehydration and corrects the creeps (anti-frizz effect).

The Mousse Strong Fixing adds volume and body to your hair without letting it heavy. Allows you to format your hairstyle, ensuring your custom style for longer. Their alcohol-free formula is ideal also for dyed hair, ensuring the natural format with a simple brush. Don’t let the sticky hair, keeping the lightness of shapes.

For all hair types, easy to apply, can you get your hair clean, shiny, conditioned, delicately scented with a light freshness. Replaces quickly the need for conventional washes. The assets of Myrrh has properties deodorants, act in the softness of the hair and are moisturizers, also used in the treatment of damaged hair as well as calcium, essential nutritional complex active for a good formation of the hair bulb. Does not contain detergents in your wording.

ASPA Anabolic adds volume and body to your hair without letting it heavy and gives you all the flexibility you want to control. Their alcohol-free formula prevents fading of dyed hair and does not deprive your hair’s natural oils. Don’t let your hair excessively hard or sticky.

Undercover stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins and specks. Super resistant to water and sweat. Leaves skin soft and radiant.

Really helps to fix her makeup and makes it more durable. The product acts on the skin pores and removing the oiliness of the skin.