Beats Headphones for Ski Helmets

Already carry years outlining headphones and making comparative in headphones-Bluetooth. As one of the members of the questions that I answer most is about the famous helmets beats. They are famous for excellence headphones since many familiar faces of television use them. But that are popular does not mean necessarily that are good. Many users tell us to why not include them comparisons? Maybe because they have no place. Test them and compared with others analyzed do not earn a place.

It must bear in mind that we take into account also the price to some of the quality. If a model is a good thing, but it has an exorbitant price, we do not think that you have a site here. Whatever it is, there are lots of more specific reasons, so rather than go in response to one, we have decided to answer the theme of helmets beats at once for all. Is possible that has headphone beats cheap? Lol But despite this we are going to recommend better alternatives right now. But if you want them by design, and is now, we can do little.

Helmets beats. Best substitute for each model

We believe that this will be a useful sea section. Every popular model of “headphones b” Let’s put what we think of them and which would be your best substitute.

That Yes. Before you begin, we want to let know you that the power of marketing is very powerful. So, if you’ve arrived here because you really like these headphones you will not change of opinion, and you’ll always have that calvada Shin if you buy others… So if this is your case you should buy them now.

However, if you really believe that there are alternatives best as we believe, this publication of comparison of headphones-beats will be of great help.

Good in-ear earphones. Buy urBeats for 100 euros?

You are looking for a headset earpiece type (in the ear – that have good construction, with good sound quality. The fact is that we have tested the urBeats and all have thought that music sounded sloppy (I guess that why they are sold at discount constant). In addition to some users that those have bought said that is a model that les has lasted well little.

Perfect substitute: for the same price the Beyerdynamic DX160 will give you much more quality now that its sound is much better than the urBeats.

Best price found: 119€
For those people who have a budget of less than 100 euros without a doubt this is the most recommend. Just save you money on those who call themselves cheap beats, because if one of these models is sold as cheap is that it is not so much by what makes technical…