Be Stylish with Leggings

Leggings are now almost obligatory part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are amazingly comfortable, affordable and you can buy them in a limitless number of colors, patterns, materials and lengths.

Super substitute for tights

Women leggings you can more effectively protect against the cold, unlike nylon stockings, but still retain the impression of a stylish look. Fits almost everything. The first era of fashion, when it began to wear leggings, erupted in the 60s. They did not say, however, leggings, but capri pants. The second period, when he returned to his leggings limelight came in the ’80s. At that time it had become the fashion to wear clothes that were worn until then only in gyms and gyms. But then women began wearing leggings combined with “bodýčky” outside of the gym.

Leggings as an accessory

Leggings are a good complement to longer shirts, mini dress, minisukním, but also shorts. Leggings have three basic lengths: knee-length to mid-calf or to the ankles. Calf-length leggings are suitable for girls and ladies who want to elaborate feet and feeling somehow break. Leggings to the ankles exquisitely fit the boots to high heels or high boots are super into.

What to buy?

Take the leggings, which are always at least at its end encircle your foot well. The moment you do not surround the foot well, they make more sweat pants or shorts, and that’s not the impression that when wearing them want to leave. But even with the obepínavostí But it must not exaggerate. Also buy leggings made of quality materials, junk quickly žmolkovatí and certain unwanted areas, it can then become transparent. Likewise, color leggings should match at least one of the colors of another piece of clothing that you are currently wearing. If you want a wilder pattern leggings, try to have other pieces of clothing already monochromatic. Also, be careful not to become widespread pattern on unwanted areas.