Bathroom Wall Decal Ideas

Acreator got up one morning and decided to create stickers that are able to transform your bathroom into a mythical place of Star Wars. It’s beautiful creativity.

The toilet, it’s convenient, but it is still a bit ugly. He may be more or less designed to marry the curves of your backside, in the end, it is not the most graceful of the world. Look at him, with his poor shooting sad who falls into a boucan of hell. Think of his foot, with which your friend dust still finds refuge…

The toilet, at the bottom, it kinda hell (porcelain) on Earth.

Golem 13 found the solution by highlighting the work of a young prodigy who was tired of pooping in a dreary hole and soulless. The artist, Robbie Rane, teamed up with Illustrator Alyssa Scott to create a plate of perfectly suited to your waters stickers. Tasteful, sweaty genius, stickers (I hope waterproof) will transform your mundane throne in one of the worst monsters of the Star Wars universe: the well of Sarlacc pit.

Your dreary latrines will change into a creature ready to swallow everything you’re going to sway him. Best: your guests prefer ask their sin the neighbor instead of coming to defile this work of art. On the other hand, you run the risk that no one wants never to ask his top posterior, which will lead to constipation and then to death.

Well Yes.

To get this little gem, you’ll have to shell out wall stickers at $ 25 from Gradinmath. It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth what it’s worth. At the moment I’m informing you that it is out of stock, but the creator will soon bring out them, and maybe lower the price. When you’re a fan of interior decoration, we also treat details… even if it means risking to aspire the anus!