Bathroom Stickers

Did you know you can give a new look to your bathroom spending little and very practical? Are there several options for applying adhesives in bathrooms and kitchens, get to know some models and ideas to change the look of this which is one of the most used space in the House.

Adhesives For Bathroom: the sink and Toilet

To renew your bathroom decor just give a modified in the sink and the toilet, the option of stickers with small prints make the biggest difference in the environment. This type of adhesive can be purchased together or separately, depends on the availability of the supplier. This and other models are available in the Free Market .

Bathroom Stickers: Box

If your box is tempered glass it will be beautiful with adhesive application, the application is as simple as removing. And don’t worry, the steam from the shower didn’t take off the adhesive from the surface. In the free market .

Adhesives: Bath Cover

For a more fun on the toilet cover apply adhesives, is a good idea also to attract and motivate young children who still do not use the bathroom. Find this and other models in Viva Street Portal.

Bathroom stickers: Box bottom of the sea

Bath time can be the most fun if the box decoration have drawings of the bottom of the sea, move with the imagination of small with this type of adhesive to the box.

Adhesives For Bathroom: tiled Application

How about taking a joy in bathroom walls? Put alternating stickers and modify completely decoration. For cleaning use a damp cloth on top of the adhesive, do not use specific products for cleaning tiles, because the adhesive can tarnish.

Bathroom: Door Stickers

Start modifying the bathroom decoration for doors, choose the colors and more appropriate measures for your door and let the environment more fun!

Bathroom Stickers: Plain

Also to modify your bathroom tile, choose the placement of smooth vinyl, your bathroom will win a more elegant appearance. If you prefer to buy the vinyl sheets (sold in graphics) and cut in exact measure for your tile, are available in several colors.

Adhesives For Bathroom: Furniture

And why not decorate the bathroom furniture? For bathrooms large or small, place a sticker also in the closet is a great option to leave the decorations up.


Whenever possible use a trowel for applying adhesives, this procedure avoids the formation of air bubbles between the adhesive and the applied surface. The application site must be clean and dry, wipe with alcohol before applying.

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