Bat Ideas for Halloween 2016

Halloween is not ours, Orthodox holiday is not part of the Bulgarian tradition. In recent years, exotic holiday but having perhaps because of one thing – masking, the ability to diversify a little routine and to get together with friends who do not suffer from prejudices what should and what should not celebrate. The shops felt this trend before Halloween appear already pretty party ideas and decorations according to Halloween however, should not turn into another hysterical shopping, but in a diverse family activity or occasion for a little kretivnost in everyday life.

We offer an idea with many applications and so can combine Halloween with a little manual work and engage children. Decoration “Bat” for Halloween. Required materials: Template “Bat”, which you can print from here. Black cardboard quantity your choice. White pencil After printing templates, cut them in full white paper and white bats cut from cardboard. Pencil white from shop for artists and painted as white pastel, but there are cheaper white pencils which probably also going on. with this template you can make 4 different ideas for decorating for Halloween: a flock of bats on the wall Garland bat party dominoes “Batman” idea for kids – Dracula roll of toilet paper If you think this idea you will love and your friends, do not hesitate to share it with them.