Barbisio Handmade Italian Hats

To find stylish hats are as noted earlier a art. Defects not in form so feels the craft most likely clearly flawed. But there are exceptions where both of these criteria are met – that anr ika Barbisio.

The brand that was founded in 1862, experienced its heyday during perhaps the 40s and 50s. With dealers all over the world were Barbisios anglofilt inspired design language an important part of the Italian fashion house. Most famous is the brand is undoubtedly their felt hats, which given that the brand was founded, and still have their production in Italian väverimeckat Biella, is not particularly surprising.

Creating a Fedora Hat are interesting process. After having selected the fibers that hold the measure squeezed these together into a compact malleable fabric. The owner or have ever had the privilege to test the brand’s jackets from the now-defunct clothing line is coming to realize that feeling in these fabrics actually largely resembles the feeling of filthattarnas. Not least, the compact fabric and moldability. After the fabric is compacted shaped Hat then based on templates on the hat Crown. Finally sewn hat all parts sewn.

The brand’s range is currently divided into three collections; Tradition, Classic and Innovation. The former contains as its name implies, primarily traditional formal Hat models bowlern and höghatt, while Classic rather include hats for more casual use with models Trilbyn. The slightly bolder collection Innovation designed by none other than Pierangelo D ‘ Agostin, previously also was responsible for the brand’s clothing part. Now do not hold the collection a few pockets for the iPhone in the hat Crown, but well tryckpressade pattern and fold-down earmuffs.

Barbisios hats coming soon, among Cheeroutdoor, to be sold in j. lindeberg flagship store on library Street. There are also online Barbisio buying via Our site.