Balmain Wigs

Balmain has big plans. Not only Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner can exchange the hair color, now you too can have the hair of a thousand colors. As? With the new wigs that the brand has launched.

If you love the look changes, there is a novelty that will make you hair stand on end, the real ones. And I’ll now explain why. Remember when Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have exchanged the color of hair, a blonde became blackberry and the other way around?

Well, it was not a magic trick Houdini or a temporary effect tint, but a wig that Balmain Hair Couture has experienced on two flagship models. The story began on the runways, but was destined to something else.

The the fashion brand is preparing to conquer the market with its new hairstyles fake high-class in addition to hair products that have long been distributed.

The Chief Executive Officer Steward Guliker said:

“Changing hair has a shock effect, and that’s what they like to people who like to be noticed.”

For the lips, for example, you just choose another lipstick.

Not only that, it seems that, by his own admission, the target market has a well-defined target: the Millennials, who like the turns of effect, they are cherished to selfies and models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, ideal testimonial.

For now the official web store, which sells extensions, brushes, shampoo, have not yet appeared, on the other hand Balmain Hair has a deployment of retailers in Paris, Berlin (KaDeWe), Hong Kong (Harvey Nichols), Amsterdam where he owns a corner all interior of a shop. Online store is one of the reference sites.

In Paris, then, there is a dedicated lounge, L’Atelier Balmain Hair Couture, who receives by appointment, so that you can touch the quality of your new hair. In short, France, you know, that has always been home to gifts wigs.

That said, the news is wonderful, for three good reasons:

1.Sfoggerai a real look 60-70 years full vintage style. Anne Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin in those years had their wigs lines.

2.You will change your hair color, also with effect colors, no risk of damaging your hair

3.You will be able to do selfies every several days. Like that

We always knew that Lady Gaga was light years ahead.

And you wear?