Bags Which Should Use A Fashion Diva

Every detail of our attire directly impacts on our image: colors, shapes, styles and attitudes… Yes, your attitude matters at the same level as your clothes. To have significant changes in our attitude we must have security in that dress and knowledge gives security.

Your figure is based on marked or straight curves and as we all know (or should know) the beauty lies in the balance, and to achieve a visual balance we will accompany our curves with straight lines and our lines with curves, it is very simple. In this edition we will learn how to help our figure using bags as visual support according to our features and characteristics of bags:

Short handle bags

Short handle bags (asa means the belt where you hang them) are created for use in the forearm so they focus the view in the area of the abdomen and hip to use them if you are figure type “inverted triangle” or “Apple”.


According to aviationopedia, this type of handbag is designed to be recharged at our forearm or in our hands, not under the arm. They attract the gaze to the bust area so they are ideal for figures “pear” type, but be careful to choose the correct size, since if it is very small it makes our bodies look larger.

Long handle bags

This type of bag having more long strap to create a vertical line can help us to see us thinner, but it can make you look shorter, is recommended for all figures except for the figure “pear” type since it falls directly on the hip area and makes that visibly more noticeable than the rest area.


These bags are recommended them hung on the shoulders and straight lines are very recommended for figures “Apple” and “pear” type since it gives a balance by its form.


This kind of bags have a curve, soft fall and being bulky are only recommended for figures “rectangle” type or “inverted triangle” since it attracts a lot of attention to areas that could be disruptive to other figures.

Fashion is a tool that you can use to look and feel better, is the company that catalogs to fashion as frivolous and selective non-fall in this game, your size is just a number on the back of your jeans doesn’t mean nothing more than a classification of production that you not traume.

Exercise of the month: To get up in the mornings instead of seeing your hair and the parts that you don’t like your picture you’ll see your eyes, you greet and you say “good morning” with a smile, need to reestablish communion with you and make the passes with the mirror, the mirror just shows what you want to see whether it’s good or bad , so this month decide to see the good and point.

Katy Kings

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