Bags: the Stars Prefer Big

If front of the camera or on the Red Carpet the star of Hollywood prefer clutch and clutch of luxury covered with rhinestones and often unique pieces made to measure for them, in everyday life it seems that the trend is different and reflects a bit ‘tastes and needs of us mere mortals. Immortalized on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London, the celebrity without their outfits from the cover, in addition to very common look and above all comfortable, sometimes purposely chosen to go unnoticed, bags feature oversized, capacious and ultracomode, but always designer.

Although jeans and ballet flats or leggings and oversized sweaters to comfortable heel, American actresses and starlets matching designer accessories, although by far more common than cutting which we have used covers and photos of fashionable parties. Kate Hudson with the arm Diva Bag by Roberto Cavalli is one of the examples, but here’s more.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those actresses who are at one with their main character, and just like Carry in Sex and the City, has high mini-dress and heels, but chooses Rockstud of Valentino, the spring-summer 2011 collection, to add a touch of rock.

The arm of Katie Holmes around the shops in Los Angeles instead stands out the Tote to Tod’s caramel-colored while the very casual look of Gwyneth Paltrow pairs of skinny jeans and flip-flops a beautiful oversized Antigona, by the autumn-winter 2010/2011 collection of Givenchy.

In short, the accessory designer never fails, even for a simple walk through the streets of the city. Which you prefer?