Bags of Fredsbruder

When filling my “online shops” for pockets the FREDsBRUDER of the eye are stung me for the first time.
Am I something verpennt?
I still didn’t know the brand!
You are really just so how I imagine a cool bag:
with long belts to the crossover-wearing
Main compartment with zipper
Inner pockets (mind. 2 for cell phone and keys)
in beautiful compatible colors
soft leather, not stiff and firm
cool, casual design
How difficult it usually is the right bag for me to find I told here already: I need a ´ new leather – bag but I find no!

My demands are not so high (can I find) but the market is not much for my needs according to Historyaah.

But Now That I’ve Discovered Fredsbruder Hope Grows Up.;-)

Look: (if you like a bag you can click directly in the bottom pictures and go to the partner shop for more info.)
Really beautiful, or?
The colors alone! Right up my alley: mauve, petrol, cognac, these are my absolute favorites. This slightly slurred, not too intrusive, like totally.
You can combine the super. To countless outfits.
Somehow, they all are beautiful! Unexcitedly, but especially. All have this slight Vintagelook. Great, or what do you mean???
Price are not a bargain, you have to spend at least 100 euros already. In the big time 179 or 199 euro. Thats not even cardboard. But then you’ve a bag which is the catcher. That feels good when worn. That clings. She looks cool. The variable you can wear. Not each has.
And where can you keep order thanks to the pockets of more or less (in my eyes in principle almost impossible – in my bag always all possible moves as if by magic, there is always chaos after a few days…).
Also: FREDsBRUDER bags are made and designed in Germany! No China-waste, because the price is right again.

Why Are The Bags Called Fredsbruder???

The designer and inventor of FREDsBRUDER bags, Constanze Alef once had a stuffed animal, a hippo named Fred. She loved it all and could not fall asleep without Fred. But Fred was suddenly disappeared at some point. Fright let up!;-)
Because a new will have been immediately! Please again a hippopotamus. That was then: FREDsBRUDER.;-)

My Absolute Favorite Is The Fredsbruder – The Armadillo!;-)

In some places, called also Riffeltier. The leather is hand-waxed corrugated cowhide and runs like the Armadillo into strips.

Especially good to see if the striped bag. It stands out ever again and if you like to wear Brown and black that is the hammer. You can help both black and brown shoes or boots to, what determines mega looks!
The size is also true: 40 x 36 x 11 cm, handle: 36 cm, removable shoulder strap: 66-123 cm.
When you can choose between two variants: 1 x with a strap over the shoulder, in the crook of the arm or hand or 2 with (removable) long straps worn or worn long.
Both looks good and casual.