Back in Fashion the Granny Panties

When we say “granny panties”, they come immediately to mind those ugly high-waisted white pants, not at all sensual and mettibili only in those periods there. But, things are changing. The pure cotton underwear, in fact, are coming back into fashion. This new trend, although questionable, has advantages to greet level.

Cotton is a better material than the micro, because it is anti-perspirant with more likely to rouse vaginal infections. The cotton fibers, however, can absorb up to 20% of water vapor without giving the feeling of damp, or absorb liquids up to 60% of their weight, without dripping. The cotton also does not cause allergies and is ideal for an intimate changing room fresh and not annoying to wear.

The new brand that aims to revive the briefs 100% cotton is called Oddo body Shira Wheeler, originally from New York, with one working the past as a creative worker and a stay in Paris as an English teacher. The campaign on the crowd funding platform – Kickstarter- is aimed at raising funds from private users, who want the opportunity to grab first the famous white underpants.

And you, do you agree with this turnaround?