Baby Carriage: Until When to Use?

Too bad my daughter’s MacLaren has no odometer.I am very curious to know how many kilometers the red umbrella stroller has traveled in these almost four years of coming and going for some international travel and countless subway trips through São Paulo, mainly driven by my husband who does not drive.

We decided to retire him a month ago.Not because of disability because he’s still great even with a slightly hooded wheel after locking up on the New York subway escalator.But because my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter is gone.

The last ride was by subway in São Paulo.We went to the Youth Park and after a lot of walking there, we decided to be part of the walk way back.Tired, my daughter fell asleep in the cart and then we noticed that her foot was on the floor.A danger!Then bye bye cart.

I had noticed some odd looks here in São Paulo when they saw a big girl being pushed – but I could not find any other alternative to travel great distances with her.In addition, I went searching for information about the product and saw that it is recommended for children up to 15 kg – it already has 18.

We are with our next trip marked and we will discover in practice how the wanderings without cart will be. Suddenly, my little girl can surprise and show that she can stand on our heels. Or we’ll have to stick to an accessory I’ve recently met, the Saddle Baby . Have you heard? It is a stool to support children from 2 to 5 years over the shoulder in the parents. Does it work?


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