Aviator Sunglasses Review

I’m one of those timeless accessories that never go out of fashion and often we see them framed the faces of men and women of any age: the aviator sunglasses are a timeless classic and no matter if every year the fashion brand insert into new sunglasses collections with attractive frames, the aviator continue to be the most popular models and appreciated.

The famous glasses with drip frame are particularly well loved by celebrities that feature them at any time of the day and with any look, even in preference to the glasses more valuable sun.

You can try to find them in flea markets vintage of your city, you can ask for mom and dad loan or you can purchase a new model by choosing among the many proposals that big names and low cost brands have presented for the new season. I

Aviator Sunglasses Review

have selected for you 16 different sunglasses with aviator frame, who knows that you can not find your favorite!

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

The aviator sunglasses best known of all are undoubtedly those signed by RayBan (see http://www.topschoolsintheusa.com/check-the-vintage-cat-eyes-sunglasses_clothing/). The brand annually proposes new interpretations of classic model with gold rims and drop lenses and always presents new original variations like sunglasses with pink lenses (150€), those with dark lenses (140 €), those with yellow lenses (€ 150), or even those with mirrored lenses (210 €).

Aviator sunglasses signed by large maison

Among the proposals signed, stand out the aviator sunglasses of Acne Studios (320 €) with a mask frame and green mirrored lenses, those of Chloé (259 €) with shaded brown lenses and those made by Isabel Marant in collaboration with Oliver Peoples ( € 260) with celestial bronze and lenses. Simpler models signed Dolce & Gabbana (200 €), Prada (190 €) and Victoria Beckham (420 €) to the classic clear lenses prefers shaded blue lenses.

Aviator sunglasses offered by low-cost brands

Sober and the super cheap aviator sunglasses offered by low-cost brands like those of Asos (€ 21.99) and Bershka (€ 12.99) which have mirrored lenses; those of River Island (13 €) with tortoiseshell temples; those of Pull & Bear (€ 12.99) and Mango (€ 17.99) with gradient lenses, or those of H & M  (6.99 €) which have lenses available in six different colors.