Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

The it-girls have all fallen for the fashion trend of maxi sleeves. And if throwing you in your turn?

There are trends that never descend from the podium, and others that can be found in the street immediately evoked. While the dress pants and bombers have marked the past two seasons, another trend intends to give itself more visible this Fall-Winter 2016/2017. Timidly introduced during the summer, the trend of oversized sleeves settled permanently in the spotlight this fall starifiée by KENZO or Jacquemus and Emilio Pucci. But if the famous babydoll dress or bomber jacket were seen on every street corner in recent months, can not be said for parts too long sleeves, which only it-girls dared seize. To remedy this, you are told why the trend is to adopt emergency …

Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna , Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie … Stars were the first to jump on the trend of maxi sleeves, and besides well alone. The pass your turn, so it is both follow fashion but stand out from others. Yes, because when a piece is original, you’re more likely to be the only one to wear! Still, the fact that the designers have declined as hoodies, sweaters, jackets and shirts actually a rather versatile piece on Physicscat, adapting to both the professional environment (not too strict either!) Than a most part free. Finally, with maxi-sleeved winter, you can easily do without mittens. Then you confirm or spend?