FAS Participates for the First Time the Lighting Design Weekend

The FAS participates for the first time the Lighting Design Weekend (DW!), considered the greatest Latin America urban design festival, which takes place from 09 to 13 August in São Paulo. Reference in the lighting segment, the brand prepares a special action in week of design in an unprecedented partnership with the other tenants of the “Upper Gabriel”. (more…)

How to Care for and Keep the Makeup Properly

Tips to care for and store properly their makeups

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find women in love with makeup and keep at home an arsenal worthy of professional makeup artists. Although the techniques to use the products correctly being popularized, many people still do not know how to keep makeup without compromising your life. Here’s how to care for and store your makes the right way: (more…)

Nails Half Moon: Step by Step of Inverted Francesinha

Who is a fan of the vintage style should have noticed that a new style of nails has been very successful among the famous: Nails Half Moon or Inverted Francesinha. She has appeared in the hands of the girls of the brothel of Maria Machadão, in the novel “Gabriela”, of the network Globo and the burlesque Dita Von Teese does not hide from anyone his preference for the retro model. (more…)

Alice in Wonderland

Is with the quote from Lewis Carroll, British poet and novelist, author of “Alice in Wonderland”(published in 1865), which we began our journey into the world of fairy tales. Nothing more magical than go back to being a kid, right?! As soon as we felt when we saw the pictures of the anniversary of 1 YEAR of ALICE, daughter of our dear reader Melanie Winckler. The party was held in Ponta Porã (MS), entitled the tuuudo that you can imagine: the ballroom was transformed into a real film scenario;characters scattered all over the place making the joy of the children; Candy and custom souvenirs; and of course, impeccable decor, wonderful, for nobody put defect. We were delighted with the size of the whim, it all worked out in minute detail, so we made a point to bring to you this super guess decorating children’s Party. (more…)

Clothes for Mother and Child

If a woman is pregnant, it must be, whether she like it or not, sooner or later, create a new wardrobe. Products of good quality are to be approaching its Constitution before the pregnancy mother’s body gradually even in the first weeks or even months after the birth. Anyway, fact is that with incremented belly clothing is always uncomfortable because it cramped his stomach and threatens to crush the big breasts. (more…)

6 Tips to Keep Your Tricot Well Kept

Knitwear, dresses, sweaters, coats, vests and so on are comfortable and beautiful pieces, especially for the cooler times, they are usually more expensive because they are difficult to make.Good tricot clothing involves a lot of manual labor in your production, following difficult and often time consuming techniques.However, if you wash the tricot suit incorrectly, it can shrink, bend, stain and end all your beauty and elegance.We made this post with some tips to keep your tricot well taken care of, our goal is to help you take care of your pieces and increase the lifespan of your beloved knitting. (more…)

Reels, Reels, Windlasses

The fishing reel is a key piece for most fishing techniques.

The purpose of their use is to collect the fishing line with bait and/or fish.Its designation in European Portuguese Carreto encompasses both types with or without moving coil. In Portuguese of Brazil, the term carreto is not used being used the designation of Windlass for reel of movable coil and Reel for reel of fixed coil. (more…)

Look of Carnival with Lingerie: Yes You Can

The Carnival is coming, with promise of revelry, fun and lots of samba in the foot. The relaxation of the time allows you to dare in the visual. It is worth passing glitter on the face, show the skin, put on a costume and even wear lingerie on display in broad daylight. Doubt? So check out these inspirations that will convince you that a carnival look with lingerie is cool! (more…)

Earth Hour: Lights out Snap – and Global Light Consciousness

When on March 23 on time 20:30 world the lights go out, not about Klingons have destroyed the Earth’s energy system. Rather, millions of people on the light switch have pressed and submerged her house in darkness. Many places of interest will remain black. On Saturday Earth Houris back around the world at half nine local time. Since 2009 the WWF in the service of the planet calls for thinking about consumer behaviour – and that includes the energy consumption through lighting. Here, the motto can only mean: do not turn off but switch on lighting technologies that save energy sustainably. (more…)