Austria: Smart Phone

Digicam, MMS, MP3 player: The behold T919 promises plenty of variety for on the go. But can the Austria Smart phone that Nokia & co. really Paroli offer? 

Without a doubt is the T919 with his multimedia offering in the trend that the camera-phones have used. And with the built in music player the user can play even MP3s-as many competitor must fit.

However, the question is: what is good for the facilities in practice? If the T919 top can play in the Mobile Division, information on the following pages.

Equipment: Multimedia Without Memory Card

With multimedia, MMC slot, email and a thick Organizer, the behold T919 has the fun group, as well as business customers. But in the test, the function palette showed gaps–not only for the missing Java engine.

Camera and MMS
Self timer, color balance mode for indoor and outdoor scenes, three image sizes and three partly data-reduced storage formats: the behold T919 cam provides plenty of additional functions. The image quality of the photos can be seen. But you have to be satisfied with a maximum resolution of 352 x 288 pixels – you are no doubt good for the PC, we’ve seen yet larger. A Flash function has been omitted.

The photo email worked in the test. However, zickte the T919 in the MMS exchange.The photos in the about 2.5 megabytes (MB of) memory, the phone uses for example, MMS, EMS, polyphonic ringtones, E-mail and organizer features, such as appointments and notes will be filed. If you need more space, the behold T919 has a MMC slot. In the fit according to although SD cards, but users have yet to buy the modules (up to 128 MB).

This is very annoying, especially since you can use the built-in MP3 player with a memory card is inserted only makes sense. Because only by card the files via the included USB cable can easily be on the phone download. A software update announced for next summer to correct this deficiency, however. Alternatively, you can receive the music files according to also as an email attachment. That worked in the test but not – only photos and the behold T919 could easily read Word documents.

A nice gimmick, the behold T919 offers a built-in thermometer that displays the temperature in the display after a few minutes. Also profiles and a built-in handsfree are on board. There is no language features.

Data functions
The behold T919 sends 10, data with GPRS of the class, allowing also a pleasant surfing in the WAP network (version 1.2.1) in the test. There is the E-Mail client and a built-in modem. The mobile phone via infrared, but only supports also the data synchronization with Outlook. The USB version will allow only the advertised software update.

What is missing? The serial interface. In addition, the behold T919 is neither prepared for’s Web for the wireless transfer of data via Bluetooth.

Practice: Support Touch Screen

The touch-screen operation via stylus the T919 users can get used to quickly.But the menu structure requires partial brain acrobatics.

Facts & figures
126 x 55 x 25 mm the behold T919 has already caused a visible bulge in the jacket pocket. For this, it is relatively easy with 134 grams and offers a generous display. A pity that this extremely narrow has failed with 29.5 millimeters square for more action area there is enough actually.

At least 32.768 colors (128 x 256 pixels) is displayed and can be used in portrait as well as landscape. Not bad, but also not mature: Because the rotation of the image in the horizontal must adjust the user again and again after calling an application – and that is quite annoying.

For the Akkuwerte specifies up to 320 hours of talk time standby and up to three hours. Xonio test, the behold T919 at maximum transmitter power made even a 3:05 hours long conversation without interruption.

Processing and handling
Precious the plastic housing of the behold T919 has no effect though. Also, it shows small imperfections in the fit. Nevertheless, the Austria model makes a solid impression overall.

Unpleasant striking but the touch screen quite slow responding to inputs mainly in the peripheral zones. Also we had to recalibrate often the touch-sensitive surface of the screen, before she responded to input properly.

The placement of the camera at the bottom on the back is also not optimal: the user must phone when portrait photos on the upper part, keep do not obstruct the lens.This makes the shutter with the page button but a tricky endeavor-it easier in landscape mode.

The behold T919 is controlled mainly via the touch screen. While entering text using handwriting recognition works concealed a cell phone keypad or virtual full keyboard.The latter is still the fastest input variant, requires the cumbersome rotation in landscape mode but everytime.

Therefore, you must largely waive the one-hand operation. The three navigation buttons on the left side of the housing offer only exception. They are used as a trigger to call and to control additional menus and in camera mode.

The graphically-based main menu consists of icons, the meaning of which is not immediately apparent. Also in the lower levels, users can find only symbols that reveal partial pull-down window with lists of options when clicked. All-in-all is the operation extremely takes getting used to and not intuitive. The manual does not always help.

Mediocrity – it must settle the user here. Sound, yet understand, nor against speaking behavior convinced in the test. Also a permanent noise was to find fault in the test. After all, there’s no echo effects.

Bottom Line: There’s Something Missing

The behold T919 has a stately function range – colored touch screen, MP3 player, digicam and MMC slot can sit up. But the disillusionment follows the anticipation quickly.

With a price of 499 euro the behold T919 is undoubtedly one of the cheaper multimedia smart phones at Areacodesexplorer, although it also a lot for the Office area has to offer.

However, it is not a candidate for the very top places, alone due to the lack of Java, language functions and Bluetooth-that already included there at that price with other manufacturers.

Especially annoying: The MP3 player You can use only available with an optional memory card.Also the restricted ability of synchronization via infrared as well as the extremely habituation need menu navigation are real hooks that prevent a better placement.